Friday, November 4, 2011

-Fanning the Bull-

My friends, allow me to tell you a tale. A tale in which a young woman, with a charming Southern twang and a zest for hot sauce and clothing well beyond her means found herself on a journey. A journey to find the perfect pair of red tailored wide leg slacks.

A journey that was to end not how she expected, with said pair of zazzy trousers, but instead, with the most holy-crap-wtf-am-I-doing floor length chiffon red pleated skirt.


While our heroine's quest failed to yield the boon she thought she had sought, it instead offered up a glorious yay moment to be enjoyed by all.

Seriously though. I am in love with this skirt. It's a little ridiculous and a lot out of my traditional comfort zone, but I'm having so much fun with it. I've been hunting around for a pair of my ideal red slacks for a while now and having little luck, but I found this yesterday while prowling for the elusive pantaloons and this will more than hold me over until I find said pants.

It's just so damned swishy.

I wasn't really sure what to pair it with, but I settled on a plum colored art silk button down, which again, the two colors together were totally not what I was expecting out of me, but I figured I'm trying to have fun with fashion, I might as well go balls out with it.

While out and about I also happened upon one of the Juxtapoz art books featuring silk screen posters.

I've been buying up a lot of art books lately and I'm pretty stoked with this purchase. Definitely a lot of inspiration and for $30, cheap as far as art books go.

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