Sunday, November 13, 2011

-The Laziest Blog Post You Ever Knew-

Let's just say I'm having a very Florence day.


The new Florence and The Machine album is wonderful and a nice little switch up to my Blood Pressures addiction of the last several months. Also, looking at Ms. Welch just makes me want to return to my red hair days. The girl is a bad influence.

In more fashion-y related news, I got to have a fantastic girls day, with one of my fav ladies. The mission was simple. New makeup. The theme was "Let's Be Girls". I came away from it with Tocca's Florence which is a gardenia drenched dream. No. Seriously. It's gorgeous and I feel so damned pretty wearing it.


Sorry, guys. November is a slammed month for the retail types. Plus I'm attempting Nano. Also, it's essentially video game month. So, until I get around to a proper post, let's day dream about power ballads and pretty princess hair.


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