Sunday, November 13, 2011

-Strut Strut-

Going on record as saying I have no idea where the hell this obsession with red is coming from, but I'm gonna ride it out as long as I possibly can. When I was younger someone told me "Those who choose red choose to be seen." They were talking about hair color at the time, but I think this applies to clothing as well. I feel as though I may finally be gaining some of the confidence I stole from myself years ago with some rather poor minded choices. Well, fuck that noise. I'm back, bitches.


This outfit is pretty simple. A basic black 3/4 top that maybe came from Target, but I don't recall and the tag is blasted to hell, my bright red mini that I scooped up at Express during my lady day with friends and, of course, my trusty, trashy leopard print peep toe stilettos.


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