Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jason Wu's Wooing Me

We're getting set to move here over at Magnolia, but that doesn't mean we are too busy to dress cute. Just to talk about it apparently. Mea culpa.

Anyways, for years, I've felt mocked by the Target collections that the high end fashion houses have been doing for a few years now. Either they are completely sold out, so cheaply made it never justifies the price or just straight up refuses to fit someone with my body type.

Now, I'll admit. Years of this same scenario repeating itself has made me jaded, bitter and ugly to the entire concept. Until I ran in to Target to grab some razors and sort of accidentally walked by the clothing section. And made a bee line for Jason Wu's collection.

Most of it is long gone, having been picked over by the other fashion mavens weeks ago, but I managed to find this navy two piece floral top and pleated skirt and holy Christ, you guys, it fit! And with both pieces being under 30 bucks, I finally could justify the purchase.


I love the little sheer neckline of the top, and I threw on a black belt for a little added wait definition. I like the effect. It's a sweet floaty little number and I wish to heck that I'd actually gotten myself up and out the door earlier to check this collection out because so much of it is truly adorable and is totally sold out in my area. Poo.

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