Monday, May 13, 2013

-Where We Discuss Moscow, The Elder Gods and My Own Sloth-

Next year is a landmark for me and as such, I have my eyes set on a trip to Moscow. So, while my penny pinching begins, I'll watch more episodes of The Americans, dream of Lake Baikal and treasure my little babushka themed trinkets curtesy of my lovely friend Lisa.

 photo SDC12472_zps5348a3f1.jpg

She also sent me a Cthuhlu and a flamingo. Not Russian themed per se, but definitely what you'd call Sam themed.

 photo SDC12470_zps24937148.jpg

Confession time- I've been a straight up slacker lately when it comes to style choices. Between my work regulated polos, jeans and sneakers, it doesn't leave much time to snazz it up and get all gussied like I would like to. My uniform the last two weeks has pretty much been black leggings (I know, I know), a V-neck and one of 85 cropped jackets.

 photo IMG_0113_zpsbd4e8376.jpg

 photo IMG_0111_zps23de94bf.jpg

That said, I'm absolutely loving my little nude and rose gold ballet flats.

Forgive me, it's summer. It's hot. And this look allows me to randomly pop développé whenever I damned well please. Also, sorry about the bright orange stucco. I'm working on a new shooting location since I moved. For now I'm happy my ass is actually posting something. Score!