Tuesday, September 3, 2013

-Bump and Grind-

Things have been less than tame in the House of Magnolia. The last six months alone I have cycled through four bosses, three different locations, trapezed around Vegas, met Todd McFarlane, had an absolutely amazing photo shoot with my absolute favorite photographer (which I just found out the results of which will be hanging in an Italian gallery next month) and adopted a fur baby demon kitten.

However, in all that time I have still not managed to decide whether to return to my vintage ginger or my natural raven. It truly is the age old dilemma: Joan or Dita?

Until I commit to such a monumental life choice, I've instead chosen to learn how to do some vintage hair styles, and so I present my very first attempt at bumper bangs:

 photo photo-2_zps15401de6.jpg

This was actually surprisingly quick and easy and is a nice alternative to my long thwarted desire for Bettie bangs (I have a prominent cowlick), all you need is a hair rat, more bobby pins than a dog has ticks and a little bit of patience, also, a snood helps since by the time I figured out the bumper my patience had run out and it's a fantastic way to polish a look without a lot of effort. On a side note, I have very thick hair, but if you don't happen to a teasing/rat comb and a spritz of hairspray will go a long way to helping you pull off the look.

Here's Cherry Dollface's video tutorial to show you the easiest way to completing this look:

Also, in glamor cheats, I've developed a new found obsession with imPRESS Nails from Broadway. They are so tacky and simple and totally bring me back to days growing up in the South with my aunt and thinking that press on nails and those weird puffy star sticker "earrings" were all I needed to look like a real freaking lady. I first caught wind of these from Sara M Lyons a long while back but only just now got around to giving them a whirl and I've gotta say, homegirl was bang on with this rec. They don't look too obvious, so dumbed down and easy to use it's impossible to get it wrong, you can trim them to whatever size you want if out of the box is too much and they come in a whole rainbow of colors and patterns.

Plus, they're helping my natural nails grow out again stronger since they aren't getting trashed at work anymore.

 photo impress_zps00193612.jpg

I'm currently wearing their French manicure set, but I also have Vamp it Up and Casting Call ready to go. They're fun and tacky and for $4-7 cheaper than hitting a salon or even buying a new bottle of lacquer in some cases. I've found them cheapest, but with the least selection, at Walmart, but Walgreens and Target both host a bigger range of the line closer to the $6-8 mark. They also have a pedicure variant for about $10 but I have yet to try it.

Until next time, folks. But before I go, any opinions on the Massive Lady Problem I'm facing?

 photo ladyproblems_zps65accf9d.jpg


  1. What sort of woman problems? I'd be happy to help! :)

    1. Woops, lady problems. My bad.